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Firearms Training & Events

Shoot. Shop. Train.

Shooting is both a sport and a craft. Once you learn the fundamentals, there’s a limitless amount of enjoyment and camaraderie you can build. New to shooting? Allow our team to walk you through the basics and share the joy of firearm training.

Meet Your Instructors

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Training Roadmap

Start Here
First Shots

The biggest challenge for new shooters is getting started. First Shots makes getting started in shooting very easy. Our First Shots class includes:

  • An educational introduction to the safe and recreational use of firearms
  • A clear understanding of the local requirements for owning and purchasing a firearm
  • A coupon to use on your next visit to the range
  • Individual and group training
  • A chance to give shooting a try!
Develop Your Skills
Handgun 1

This class is ideal if you've taken the First Shots class, purchased a handgun, and would like training with that firearm. This class includes ~2 hours in the classroom learning about safety, parts of a handgun, and shooting fundamentals. After the classroom session, our NRA Certified Instructors will take you on the range to practice the skills you learned.

Requirements: 50 Rounds of ammunition (available for purchase during class)

Reach Your Goals
All Levels
Private Instruction

Personalized and one-on-one instruction about firearms safety, handling, and marksmanship. Private instruction offers a valuable opportunity for anyone who wants to improve their skills or knowledge in firearms, whether a beginner or an experienced shooter.

Develop Proficiency
Handgun 2

At this level, you will spend less time in the classroom and more time on the range. We cover more advanced information, shooting skills, the most common malfunctions, and how to solve firearm issues. We will also teach self-defense skills to help you improve tactically (e.g. one-handed and non-dominant hand shooting). On the range, you can practice those new skills with an NRA Certified Instructor. 

Requirements: 100 Rounds of ammunition (available for purchase during class)

Private Instruction

For a more personalized hands-on experience, we offer private instruction with one of our certified instructors. We cater each private instruction session to your needs and interests.

Private instruction is available starting at an hourly rate of $100 and covers areas you would like to explore. Private instruction can focus on firearm handling, target practice, introduction to new firearms, and more. 

$ 100 Per Hour
Plus the Cost of Ammunition*
  • Personalized Instruction With a Certified Instructor
  • Lane Rental
  • Firearm Rental
  • Safety Glasses and Ear Plugs
  • 2 Targets
  • Additional Guests: $25 per guest (Up to 3 people total)

Thank you so much for such an informative safety course… My 11 year old could not stop talking about all he has learned.

Linda N.


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Training FAQ's

Yes, we are continually expanding our selection of handgun and rifle classes.

If you are a beginner, we always encourage firearm training to enhance proficiency and safety. We also offer a guided experience and private instruction where a range safety officer will walk you through the process. We do require first time shooters to sign our waiver and review our range rules before using our facilities. We also offer private instruction and a wide variety of classes for everyone from beginners to veteran shooters.

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