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Thinking about purchasing a suppressor?

The process is simplified with the Silencer Shop kiosk at MORR.


Let a MORR Employee know which suppressor you would like to order or purchase a suppressor through silencer shop’s website. Once the suppressor is ordered, you can purchase a NFA tax stamp through MORR or on the silencer shop website.

What is a NFA tax stamp?
A suppressor tax stamp is a $205 tax set forth by the ATF that is applied to the purchase of all NFA items on the NFA registry. Purchasing a tax stamp is a one-time cost per NFA item. (unlike, for example, a car registration that must be renewed annually).


Use Our Free Kiosk

At the MORR silencer shop kiosk, you will set up your account information and get fingerprinted. Your fingerprint scan and demographic information will be integrated into your Silencer Shop profile. This process will only take you 5-10 minutes!


Snap a selfie similar to a passport photo on your smartphone and upload it to your Silencer Shop profile using the Silencer Shop app or send it by email (photo@silencershop.com) and they’ll gladly add it to your profile. When taking your photo, please use a plain/light-colored background and keep your shoulders and head up. Please do not smile; wear a hat, sunglasses, scarf, etc.


Silencer Shop will email a Docusign to you; please review and after confirming its accuracy, please sign the file. This applies to all registration methods: Trusts, Corporations and Individuals.


Register for an ATF Eforms account at: https://eforms.atf.gov/login

What is ATF eForm?
eForms is the process for submitting your electronic Form 4 (“eForm 4”) to the ATF. There is no cost to create an ATF eForms account.


What does Ready To Certify mean at Silencer Shop?
This is the final stage of your eForm 4 application before it’s submitted to the ATF.

You’ll receive an email from Silencer Shop with the subject line “Ready To Certify.” When you receive the Ready To Certify email, you should contact MORR Range. (our information will also be in the email you receive)

That’s it! You’re on your way to silencer ownership and MAY get your ATF approval in a few months.

If you have questions about the process, email drew@morrrange.com

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