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Indoor Shooting Range


Shoot. Shop. Train.

$20 for a one range session. Add a second person for $10.

Safety and health are our top priority

We want to be clear about our expectations in this new COVID environment, we find it very important to start by defining what this is NOT.  This is not about having a place to go for entertainment.  This is not a means to get out of the house, reduce boredom or socialize.  While shooting is enjoyable and indirectly may have a stress-relieving benefit, please plan to use this time to improve your skills.  We have been doing our absolute best to continue to prioritize the health and safety of our customers, our community and our team.

Why we are opening the range

It is our experience that shooting is a perishable skill.  The people that practice regularly tend to have a higher skill level than those that don’t.  We believe that regular practice for self-protection is critical to be ready if the need arises.  We believe that providing you with a safe and secure place to practice your self-defense skills is undeniably essential.  This is the opportunity we are offering you. 

What has Changed

  • An advance registration is required. Walk-ins will not be accepted.
  • Please do not come if you have any signs of sickness or COVID
  • Only half of our lanes will be in use and we are alternating lanes hourly to allow for cleaning and sanitizing.
  • We are allowing a maximum of 2 shooters per lane from the same household
  • Masks are required for the entire time guests are in the store and range
  • Please only bring up to two firearms at a time
  • A limited number of firearm rental options are available
  • The waiver must be signed before arrival (valid for one year)
  • Please arrive as close as possible to your reserved range time to help practice safe social distancing

A $20 non-refundable deposit is required for non-members.

We’re doing our best to continue to serve you in whatever capacity you may need.  Much of our inventory is replenished and we’re also offering curbside pickup for those folks that prefer to limit contact.  We are constantly improving our operational procedures. We are trying new things all the time to ensure we can provide the kind of service you’ve come to expect of us, but still reduce as much risk as possible for our incredible team and for everyone who enters the facility. We welcome your feedback about anything else that we can do in these trying times to serve your needs.  We’re grateful for your support of our business.

Open to the public. Walk-ins are welcome.

All-Day Pass

With a Morr Range day pass, you can shoot all day long! During busy times we may ask guests to take a break after an hour, to give everyone a chance to shoot. We will put you right back in the queue, and get you back out to the range as quickly as possible.

Simple Pricing

Our day pass is $20 for the first guest. Second and third guests may share the lane for an additional $10 each. If you have more than 3 people in your group, please call ahead so we can provide the best possible experience for your party.

Safety Commitment

Safety is our top priority. Our trained, certified range safety officers carefully monitor the range to ensure the safety of all of our guests. If this is your first time at a shooting range, we encourage you to schedule a Guided Experience with one of our instructors.

New Shooters

Experienced Shooters


Never been to a shooting range? We have created an experience just for you. From the moment you walk through the doors, one of our trained guides will make sure your introduction to firearms is safe, comfortable, and fun. We will walk you through every step including selecting a firearm to use, getting set up on the range, and safely shooting at targets.


More than 75 guns available to rent!







M&P 15

Smith & Wesson




Magnum Research

X-Shot: Make Every Shot Count

  • A touchscreen display mounted in the shooting stall automatically displays every shot on target
  • Grouping sizes, Scores, Split times, and Shot counts are all shown in real-time.
  • X-Shot provides answers to common questions at the touch of a button.
  • Shooters of all levels can challenge themselves and have fun using training programs, competitive games, and safety exercises.

Called into on our way back to Manhattan and had so much fun as a first time shooter, the staff are so so friendly and made it so easy for us… would definitely call back there again.

Teresa H.