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Determining the value of your used firearm

Determining the value of your used firearm

3 Reasons why selling in-store is more beneficial than selling online

If you’re interested in selling a used gun stashed away in a closet or are simply ready to trade in your trusty 10-year-old sidekick, there are a few things to remember when selling your used firearm. Although many people think selling their used gun on a site like Gunbroker may be the best route for their money, there are a lot of different factors that go into selling your used guns and the value you get for them.

While you may be able to get a higher price initially, keep in mind there are additional costs and steps you’ll need to take to complete the process. Selling used guns to stores like Morr can save you much more time and effort in the long-run. And you know what they say, time is money.

1. The market is always changing

By selling your used firearm to a store like Morr, all of the research and market value for your gun is done by our team of experts. We consider the brand of your used gun, the year it was made, how much of a market demand there is for it, and any accessories sold with the firearm. We always encourage our customers to be informed and do their own research, too, but a thorough evaluation of your gun’s value is done in-house, so you can rest assured you’re getting fair market value for your firearm. Because values do change over time, our offers are valid for one week.

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2. Morr handles the hard parts for you

Not only do we do the research to evaluate the price of your used firearm, but we do all of the leg work, too. If you choose to sell a used gun online, you have to do a lot more than just press a button and collect your money. You have to take photos of your gun, write descriptions, compare websites to decide which is your best bet for money, communicate with interested buyers and answer their questions, and pack and ship the gun for repurchase. You’ll also need to make sure to utilize to FFLs (Federal Firearms License holders) to ensure the right background checks are completed. When you sell your used firearm to Morr, we handle everything for you. Simply bring in your firearm, walk away with the money, and don’t worry about any hidden fees, taxes, or additional paperwork.

All of the research and market value for your gun is done by our team of experts

3. In-store gets you fast cash

On top of the process, you have to go through to sell your used firearm, you also have a waiting period before you can collect funds. For many online reseller websites, there is a two week period between selling the gun and receiving your payment. In addition to the long process, some purchases may go into disputes. If the buyer feels like the purchase wasn’t accurate, they didn’t get what they expected, or there was unnoted damage to the firearm, you may wait even longer to receive your money (if the sale still goes through).

All in all, Morr and other in-store used gun sellers are a fast and easy choice for getting money quickly and selling your used firearms free of hassle. Our team of experts are happy to answer any questions you may have and always encourage our customers to be well informed when selling a used firearm (or buying a new one, too)! If you’re ready to make your first sale, stop in our store today and give someone else the joy of your used firearm.

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