8 Million New Firearms Owners Since March of 2020

Our industry has seen overwhelming demand over the course of the last 10 months. The combination of Covid, protests and the election has driven unprecedented interest in self-defense. There were over 21million background checks performed for the sale of firearms in 2020, which is a 30-60% increase over prior years. The demand for firearms has created an incredible strain on the supply chain resulting in our industry moving to allocation of supply. This means we can no longer simply order firearms. The manufacturers are producing what they can. They offer them to the distributors and we then get offered whatever is available. So, if a manufacturer can make 100 firearms in a day, they then sell 25 each to four different distributors. Those distributors then offer them to the retail locations, meaning we may get the chance to purchase 1 or 2 that day. We can no longer special order most firearms. If you have been considering a firearm purchase, don’t delay your visit. We’ve also seen a dramatic impact on the background check process. The new normal seems to be that it takes between 30 minutes to several hours. This is out of our control, but please be aware of this if you plan to purchase a firearm.

The impact on ammunition is even more dramatic. It is estimated that over 8 million people purchased their first firearm in the last year. If each of those resulted in a purchase of just two boxes of ammunition, that’s an additional 800+ million cartridges of demand. The ammunition manufacturers are working incredibly hard to increase production, but demand has continued to outpace supply. There have also been component issues, which has impacted reloading supplies. Recently the manufacturers have put out videos to explain the steps they’ve taken and to set the record straight regarding misinformation and rumors. View their messages below.

We have been working hard to adapt to these unprecedented times. Safe, responsible, educated ownership has always been our highest priority. So, for some time, we have been allocating the limited amounts of ammunition we have to firearm purchases and training. We are now forced to take even more dramatic actions. We can now only offer one box of ammunition with a firearm purchase. On rare occasions there are some calibers we can not offer at all. We are also now limiting ammunition sales at the range to members only at one box per member, per visit. We still are offering one hour range spots to non-members that are able to bring their own ammunition. We are also still able to supply one box for Private Instruction so that new firearm owners are able to begin the journey of building their competence and confidence.

Our phones are ringing continuously, we’ve gotten a tremendous number of emails and questions on social media. We are doing our best to respond but we certainly appreciate your patience as we try to serve everyone as quickly as we can. We’re continuing to try to find creative solutions to serve you and meet your needs. We’re incredibly grateful for the support we have gotten from our customers and community.

With careful consideration for our team and the community, we will be making daily decisions about operating business hours. Check our website, we’ll do our best to keep you informed. Stay safe and be kind.

Watch the Videos Below for Insight from Ammunition Manufacturers

A Message from Hornady President
Jason Hornady
A Message from Federal & CCI President
Jason Vanderbrink